Pumpkin seeds carbs

pumpkin seeds carbs

Jan 18, Having a few pumpkin seeds before bed, with a small amount of carbohydrates such as a piece of fruit, may be beneficial in providing your. Here's a handy reference list of the carbs in nuts and seeds. Pumpkin Seeds, , 4, , , Sacha Inchi Seeds (Inca peanut), , , , May 6, And while nuts are generally pretty low in carbohydrates, there are some that are shockingly high in carbs like pumpkin seeds and chestnuts.

Pumpkin seeds carbs -

An ounce of raw pumpkin seeds has only 4 grams of carbs. Pumpkin seeds have a good fiber content, with one ounce containing about 1 gram of dietary fiber. Raw pumpkin seeds nutrition also includes an unusual amino acid called cucurbitacin. pumpkin seeds carbs