Spicy pumpkin seeds recipe

spicy pumpkin seeds recipe

Preparation. Preheat oven to °. Place seeds in a bowl and fill with water; swish seeds around; strain. Rinse and drain. Toss seeds with lime or lemon juice, . These pumpkinseeds make a delicious snack that delivers a slight sweetness with a kick thanks to the chipotle chili powder and red pepper. Oct 9, These Spicy Toasted Pumpkins Seeds are a tasty and healthy way to use those leftover pumpkin seeds, not to mention easy too.

Spicy pumpkin seeds recipe -

I make my own pumpkin puree every year and one of the main reasons is because of those pumpkin seeds!!! Only once though, the rest are like your dreams…whyyyy?!

Spicy pumpkin seeds recipe -

They made basic roasted pumpkin seeds seem, dare I say it, boring. Haha, nothing is worse than boring dreams than scary dreams! Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 2 Ways: Garlic & Spice by CHERRY DOLLFACE spicy pumpkin seeds recipe